12 Must-Pack Items For Your Next Tropical Vacation

12 Must-Pack Items For Your Next Tropical Vacation

Wah gwaan? If you didn’t know I just got back from Antigua! I was there for a little over two {2} amazing weeks! I definitely vlogged about the experience and of course the food, namely the desserts, yum! The blog/vlog will be up soon, but I’d like to share a little about the 12 must-pack items for your next tropical vacation.

12 Must-Pack Items For Your Next Tropical Vacation

12 Must-Pack Items For Your Next Tropical Vacation

  1. PRIMER with SPF

I actually prefer having SPF in my primer as opposed to foundation, because I have the option to use just concealer and skip the foundation, especially on those hot days. Which I did 90% of the time. I love Laura Mercier primer plus the fact that it’s hydrating helps my dry skin.


Just as much as your skin needs SPF so does your lips. So please do not neglect them. Fresh sugar lip treatment is one of my favorites to take care of my lips while enjoying the tropical weather. I even wore it under my liquid lipsticks.


For a little extra sun-kissed glow, my go-to is Fenty Beauty match six shimmer. I find that it blends better than powder highlighters, significantly during the day time. It works so great with my dry skin.


I don’t know about you but  reapplying lipstick while having fun is such a drag. Imagine having the best candid photo of you taken and you zoom in only to realize your lipstick is a mess?! Wearing liquid lipsticks eliminates such drama. I definitely love Nyx, as I can buy multiple, because they are affordable and most importantly, long wearing.


So there’s a myth that if you have melanin, you don’t need protection from the sun. I’m so happy that it’s slowly dying, because we ALL need to use SPF. I didn’t even bother packing lotion for this trip, I used my Coppertone SPF lotion everyday while on vacation, and reapplied when necessary. As a result I didn’t get any sunburns, unlike my last trip.


My curly hair gets very dry in the tropics, I guess because of all that lovely sunshine that I love spending so much time basking in. However with Carol’s Daughter black vanilla leave in conditioner, my curls get rehydrated in no time. I took it everywhere with me and sprayed when necessary. I still have some left, even after using it quite frequently for 2 weeks.



The ultimate beach or pool day accessory should be packed in sets of twos lol. I mean if you’re a bit of an over packer like me, then you’ll more likely go overboard on how many swimsuits are in your suitcase. In any case, you can NEVER have enough swimsuits when going on vacation. I wore a swimsuit everyday and still came home with 4, that I didn’t wear lol! I promise I’m going to try to do better.



Beach hat please. Whether I was poolside or on the sand, my straw hat was by my side, well on my head.




I took 6 bags with me, because of the over-packer that I am, but I took this Street Level straw bag everywhere I went. Trips to the beach, dinners and even one very awesome fete, this bag was on my shoulder. It’s the perfect vacation bag!



Sandals are most certainly a must-pack item when going on any vacation. Not only are these Mercedes Castillo sandals beautiful, but they are super comfy and paired well with my wardrobe.

Image result for mercedes castillo jeweled flats


A definite tropical vacation must-pack is a white sundress, as it goes with everything. I really loved wearing this Aqua sundress around the beautiful island of Antigua.



What’s long summer days with some fashionable sunnier, to protect your eyes from those sun rays? I received these Gucci sunglasses as a birthday gift last spring and I’m still in love with them. When they weren’t on my face, they graced my head.




I wore a lot of jewelry from Rocksbox on my tropical getaway, because I enjoy accessorizing. Here is my code to get your first box FREE: MELLISABFF9

Have fantabulous day sweeties! Love, Atalee.

12 Must-Pack Items For Your Next Tropical Vacation

12 Must-Pack Items For Your Next Tropical Vacation

12 Must-Pack Items For Your Next Tropical Vacation

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