6 Pieces For Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

6 Pieces For Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring is officially here! Although this fluctuating weather has us all wondering if “Winter is Here”. Now I know most people do spring cleaning, but in my culture we declutter during the holidays. Therefore by the time Spring comes around I may only have a few pieces to donate from my wardrobe. Spring is my absolute favorite season of the year, not only because of the beautiful 70 degrees weather and flowers in bloom, but also because it’s my birthday season. With this in mind I always find myself adding new pieces to my wardrobe. For this reason I shop intentionally to make sure I’m adding pieces that works with what I already have. Like these 6 pieces for your spring capsule wardrobe.

Ruffle Pants similar | Gingham Top similar | Mini Bag here| White Heels here

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What’s a Capsule Wardrobe?

Essentially it’s the idea of keeping a collection of clothes that basically coordinates with the others to create a variety of outfits. I like this concept, mainly because I believe in rewearing pieces, especially if I really like it. Without delay here are the 6 pieces for your spring capsule wardrobe.


During the Spring time, even as lovely as the weather gets, there are just some days when you need to grab a jacket. My go to pieces for my spring capsule are a denim jacket and a trench coat.

6 Pieces For Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

-Skyline Park

  • Denim Jacket are the certainly the ultimate casual outerwear to me. I wear it all the time as I can pair it with most of my pieces in my wardrobe. Plus it’s the perfect transition piece from day to night looks.

  • Trench Coat are my go to when I want my outfit to have a bit more zhush. Also a trench coat is great for protecting you from those rainy days. My favorite types of trench coats are those with hoodies attached.


One Pieces

I don’t know about you but I love an outfit that I don’t have to put too much thought process in. Which is precisely why one pieces are a sure part of my spring capsule wardrobe.


  • Dresses are my ultimate one piece go-to. I could not survive without dresses being a part of life. I love them all from minis to maxis. For your capsule wardrobe, choose a springy dress that will brighten up your day even more.


  • Romper is most certainly fun transition piece from one season to another. With so many different styles to choose from there’s one for most occasions. They pretty much range from cute to sexy, depending on your vibes and style. On my effortless {lazy} days a romper sure does come in handy.


Simple, easy and convenient are pretty much how I feel about basics. They get the job done. Be it as a layer piece or the main part of your outfit, you can depend on the basics.

-World of Coca Cola

  • Tee Shirts oh how I love these, not to mention if they are white. You can’t get more comfortable than a t-shirt paired with your favorite denim. I mainly wear them to run errands, but also if I’m going out but I’m in a rush I’ll throw a blazer over it and pair it with heels.


  • Bodysuits are now a huge part of my wardrobe in the last 4 years or so. They are the perfect glue to just hold everything in lol. It also helps that they are just so easy to style as they are available in a wide variety of styles.


I know no greater love when it comes to style and select pieces that will be more timeless than shoes. Shoes will always play an important role in our lives and I believe that’s why I’ll forever invest in having the best ones that  works well with the rest of my wardrobe.

-Center City

  •  Heels are my first love when it comes to styling and anything to do with fashion. I’m the girl who chooses an entire outfit based off which heels I’m going to wear. Even more so now that I’m a part of the blogosphere. Every girly girl should own a pair of great heels, trust me they come in handy for work or play.

  • Sneakers only became a part of my wardrobe for the past year, because I used to be all about my heels and flats. Oh how times have changed. I now appreciate the luxury of being comfortable and now understand that I don’t have to compromise comfort for style. So far I have around 5 pairs and my collection is growing.


  • Sandals are most definitely my all time everyday wear foot wear choice. No matter the errand or occasion they’ve never let me down. They’ll always be a part of my spring capsule wardrobe. With so many styles to choose from I don’t see myself running out of options or love for sandals.


Confession, I love shoes far more than I love bags. Nevertheless I still find a lot of bags to be very appeasing  and not to mention essential to daily living. I mean whether it’s a bag for work, a party bag or a simple bag to just run errands, they sure do make carrying around our belongings much easier. Not to mention the styles, even grocery shopping bags are stylish now.

6 Pieces For Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe


  • Mini Handbags are all the rage right now and I think they will be for quite sometime. Spring is an effortless season and a mini bag plays well into that vibe. In essence, it’s just the right size to pack your most necessary belongings. It’s easy to carry around, particularly on days you’d like to maybe visit a garden. By the way if your spring capsule wardrobe is more on the neutral side, you can absolutely get a colorful mini bag to make your outfit pop.


  • Totes & Satchels are definitely part of my spring capsule wardrobe because they really do fit everything but the kitchen sink. I have both totes and satchels that can fit my MacBook. Which comes in handy when I’ll be away from home, but still want to work on my blog.


What better way to add more of your individuality to an outfit than with accessories. Yes shoes, clothing and even handbags are all statement pieces that lets everyone know your style, be it classic or trendy. However small details like a pair of sunglasses or earrings can make a bold statement as well.


  • Sunglasses are always in my bag as they come in handy all throughout the four seasons, but mainly during the warmer weather. Most importantly though is to make sure you’re choosing sunglasses that not only goes well with your face shape but a pair that transitions well from spring to summer. Rock both classic and trendy styles.


  • Jewelry has always been my favorite accessory, right after shoes. I love small details and that’s what jewelry adds to an outfit. My favorite however are earrings. I don’t wear too many necklaces, rings cannot fit my tiny fingers and while bracelets are cool, nothing gets the job done like a pair of earrings. Jewelry are fun way to add even more of your beautiful personality to a look.



What would be the 6 pieces for your spring capsule wardrobe?

Check out my last post about my trip to Atlanta for my birthday, most photos for this blog were taken there.

Thanks for checking out the post sweeties.

Have a fantabulous day! Love, Atalee

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