6 Pieces For Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe
Spring is officially here! Although this fluctuating weather has us all wondering if "Winter is Here". Now I know most people do spring cleaning, but in my culture we declutter during the holidays. Therefore by the time Spring comes around I may only have a few pieces to donate from my wardrobe. View Post

Wearing White In Fall
There's a certain fashion faux pas that has been plaguing us for about a century now; no white after Labor day. To be completely honest I've fallen victim to following this much outdated rule. he problem with this is that white is in the top five {5} of my favorite colors. View Post

Top 5 Lipsticks To Wear While Eating Desserts
Do you remember the hilarious photos of Asian women showing us the "hack" of how to eat with lipstick on? As funny as it was, it was still is an issue for many women who have not figured out the art of keeping your lipstick on while eating.  View Post

10 Makeup Products To Try This Summer
Summer is almost here sweeties, and I CANNOT wait, because I'll be taking a few trips! Besides the never ending question "which shoes should I pack?" I have to think about makeup for the hot summer weather. Over the past couple months I've tested out 10 makeup products to try this summer. View Post

How To Wear Denim
Happy Memorial Day Sweeties! The unofficial start of Summer is here, and that means lots of denim and hopefully a few swimsuits are in your future. In that case, I'll be showing you how to wear denim three {3} ways. Denim is a must have wardrobe staple, whether you have it in pants, shorts or a shirt, it's easy to pull off. View Post