Franklin Fountain Homemade Ice Cream

Franklin Fountain Homemade Ice Cream

Happy National Ice Cream Day Sweeties! I’ve been waiting so long for this day. It’s a tradition for me, so I look forward to it, yearly. Since moving to Philly, I was fortunate to find the best ice cream in the city during one of my many adventures. I love everything about Franklin Fountain homemade ice cream. All natural and scratch made since 2004. 

Franklin Fountain Homemade Ice Cream

To begin with, I’ve known ice cream since I was about 5 years old from my memory at least. It may have been earlier, but quite a few years later, ice cream and I are still besties. It is truly my favorite dessert and that’ll never change. When I was younger I was a bit weird {ok fine, a lot} when it came to desserts. I wasn’t into candies or cake, but mention ice cream and face would light up.

Growing up, I can recall, like it was yesterday, going to the ice cream parlor most Sunday afternoons. The quaint little shop with colorful stools and what seemed like a plethora of flavors to my young over anxious eyes, was heaven. Of course, at that time I wouldn’t know if our ice cream was all natural, but given the fact that I lived in the Caribbean in the 90’s, it had to be close, right? Either way that definitely was not on my mind whenever I got my scoop on a cone. My mind was filled with nothing but joy of how freaking yummilicious it was. I’m pretty sure I’ve thank the good lord above for letting us humans invent such a creamy dairy filled goodness. Obviously ice cream and I will never part.

Franklin Fountain Homemade Ice Cream

Over the years, I’m pretty sure I’ve had buckets and buckets of hard ice cream. I’m the girl who would unintentionally eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting, while watching my favorite show. Discovering Franklin Fountain homemade ice cream was just what I needed, especially since I had just moved to a new city. Being the foodie that I am, I’m pretty sure I’ve take almost everyone who I’m close to, to get a scoop.

The retro ice cream parlor style shop has been the cornerstone of Market and Letitia streets, since 2004. It’s only fitting that it would be right in the middle of historic Old City in Philadelphia. The ice cream is homemade with milk and cream from nearby Berks and Lancaster Counties, while the fruit, nuts and chocolates that are incorporated into the flavors are all obtained locally. A main part of why Franklin Fountain’s ice cream is so tasty is the fact that all of the candies used in their sundaes and other ice cream concoctions come from the  historic candy confectionery; Shane Confectionery which is  right next door! Almost always, there’s a really long line that goes around the corner and seems never-ending. Significantly during those hot summer days, tourist and locals alike all flock to their doors.

I was on a mission, so I kinda knew what I wanted once I stepped through those beautiful vintage doors. It definitely had to be three {3} scoops for sure, but as usual I couldn’t decide on flavors. After a few minutes contemplating, I went with vanilla of course, strawberry and pistachio. As expected the vanilla was superb, with specks of both Mexican and my personal favorite Madagascar vanilla beans as it’s made all natural and in-house. The strawberry was made from fresh strawberry puree and tasted just like that. Pistachio which was yellow, as it’s made from natural salted pistachios was an exceptionally nutty taste, as it should be. By the way if you’ve had green pistachio then it’s artificial, otherwise it would always be a light creamy yellow, which it certainly was.

Given these points, I’m pretty sure you can conclude that I really enjoy Frank Fountain ice cream, okay, fine, I may be slightly in love. I don’t think my wife would be jealous though, because she gets to tag along for the ride lol.

  • Staff was very friendly
  • Service was quick and timely
  • Ice Cream was exceptionally delicious and perfect
  • Decor takes you back in time to an old ice cream parlor, which was a great experience.

WHERE: 116 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


CUISINE: Home-made Ice cream and Soda Fountain

STAFF:  Pleasant, Knowledgeable

Have a fantabulous day sweeties. Love, Atalee.

Franklin Fountain Homemade Ice Cream

Franklin Fountain Homemade Ice Cream

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