How to Spend a Day in New York City

How to Spend a Day in New York City

Start spreading the news…I want to be a part of it, New York; one of my absolute favorite cities. The fact that I lived there for five years certainly has a lot to do with it. It was love at first sight. All it took was my first train ride and my first glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve experienced a lot of New York’s cuisine, from dinners at Buddakan, quick pizza stops before pregaming, to breakfast after leaving the club in sunglasses. I’ve even had a cupcake shop with my business partner in the World Trade Center; Pretty Sweeties. I enjoy the energy of the city so much that at times I take quick trips, I like to call U-turns, just to feel the energy. On this “U-turn”, I just wanted to eat, drink and  hangout. Seeing that I’ve done this numerous amounts of time, I definitely can tell you how to spend a day in New York City.

How to Spend a Day in New York City

Seaport District

First stop was the Seaport District, mainly because there was a shop I wanted to checkout and I was close by. Seaport District is known for its historic cobblestones and has been transformed into a dynamic culinary, fashion, entertainment and cultural pheno that everyone can enjoy.


I’ve been craving sushi for weeks now so being in NYC was my chance to finally get some. I found Suteishi on google and just went, and I’m happy I did. The aesthetics were what you’d expect to see in a Japanese restaurant; modern and sleek. The menu was definitely impressionable, from cocktails to the sushi of course. I would recommend the Blue Crab Gyoza appetizer, which is essentially fried dumplings stuffed with crab, shrimp and mushroom. The sushi selections ranged from classics such as Maki to exotics like Guntan. The must haves for me were certainly both the Sakura and the Spider Roll, which are both new to the menu.

Important to realize is that I eat with my eyes first. That is to say I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to presentation. I truly enjoy a well plated meal and dessert. Suteishi did not disappoint. Now the Sakura was my favorite of the two, notably, as it is shrimp tempura. It was crunchy, had some heat and above all the seafood was fresh, just how I like it. Spider roll with soft shell crab was fresh, crunchy and tasty. Even though they weren’t wrapped quite as well as they should have been, I still give it a solid thumbs up.

How to Spend a Day in New York City

  • Where: 24 Peck Slip, New York, NY
  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Price: $$

Big Gay Ice Cream

Opened in 2011, Big Gay Ice Cream has become one of  New York’s favorite ice cream shops. They have become so popular that they now have four locations in both NY and Philly. This is the reason I wanted to go to the Seaport District, for my first love; ice cream lol. Big Gay Ice Cream has a modern twist on whimsy, plus their use of rainbow sprinkles is over the top.  Decorated with unicorns, colorful walls and a seating area with rainbow popsicle benches, it truly brings out the inner child in all of us.

I had the pleasure of customizing my ice cream. I had the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream with sprinkles inside the cone, and on the cone! Coupled with strawberry sauce and whipped cream. I was excited to finally have my first Big Gay Ice Cream moment, however it wasn’t as great as I expected. I give it a 3 out of 5.

How to Spend a Day in New York City

  • Where: 200 Front Street, New York, NY
  • Cuisine: Ice Cream
  • Price: $$

Brooklyn Bridge

Just a few minutes walk from the Seaport District is the historic Brooklyn Bridge. Walking the just over one mile long Brooklyn Bridge is a must do, when in NYC. It is one of my favorite bridges, as the architecture and steel cables are just magnificent to look at. The bridge connects both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Therefore regardless of which city you start in you’ll have a lot to explore. There are even bike tours of the bridge, which could be fun, especially for a group. Overall I can guarantee that the view from the bridge is breathtaking and a must-see.

How to Spend a Day in New York City

East Village

Eclectic, old mixed with new is the vibe of East Village. It’s a mix of Asian restaurants, dive bars, vintage shopping, music venues and a creative art scene.

Stuffed Ice Cream

If you happen to follow any of New York’s awesome food bloggers, then it’s certainly no doubt that you’ve seen Stuffed Ice Cream on your timeline. Known now mainly for their massive ice cream bouquets, they first became popular for the Cruff. The cruff is a glazed donut stuffed with your favorite ice cream flavor and toppings. You have eighteen {18} delicious flavors to choose from, which is pretty dope. I really wanted to do a really epic bouquet, instead I did three {3} scoops. Since I’ve been eating non-stop since I got to the city lol. Nevertheless, my three scoops were just as epic as any bouquet, specifically because the flavors and quality of the ice cream were to die for! In other words, even as I type this out I’m seriously craving Stuffed Ice Cream.

I had the Cookie Monster, which as the name suggest is stuffed with lots of Oreo cookies. Next up is the Red Velvet Cookie Dough Crumble, which was similar to the former, and just as yummy. Last but not least was my absolute favorite; White Chocolate Lavender. First, second, third, this is the type of flavor that’ll have you continuously craving it. Yes, even if you’re not into white chocolate. Somehow pairing lavender with white chocolate is just dynamic for the taste buds; rich, creamy flavorful ice cream. Given these points, run, don’t walk to Stuffed Ice Cream.

How to Spend a Day in New York City

  • Where: 139 1st Avenue, New York, NY
  • Cuisine: Ice Cream
  • Price: $$

Flatiron District

Specifically named after the flatiron building, the district is just as dynamic as the building it is. Enjoy Madison Square Park, dine at upscale restaurants or grab cheap eats, sightsee historic landmarks, shop specialty stores and be entertained. The possibilities in the Flatiron district are endless.

40/40 Club

Cocktails and shots at the 40/40 Club was just what I needed to end the day. Owned by one of my faves; Jay-Z, 40/40 is an upscale sports bar, lounge and restaurant. The chicness of the venue is all around, from the sophisticated stacks of Ace of Spades champagne lining the bar to the tiered seating and VIP section. The menu ranges from game time finger foods to large platters for a big party. Although I wasn’t there to dine, there were a few selections that I would have tried.

I was there during the day time, so it wasn’t very busy. The bar area was very inviting so I sat there {I like sitting at bars} and watched the game from one of the giant tv screens and enjoyed my drinks. I had tequila shots and the Ambrosa cocktail; champagne and peach puree. This wasn’t my first time at the 40/40 club and would recommend checking in out day or night.

How to Spend a Day in New York City

  • Where: 6 W 25th Street, New York, NY
  • Cuisine: American
  • Price: $$

Flatiron Building

The dramatic looking, historic, trinagular shape of the Flatiron Building is all in all, a must see. Built in 1902 the building is still an enduring symbol of New York. The building stands 285 feet tall, with 22 stories and is just 6.5 feet wide. Flatiron building is currently home to two giant publishing companies. Unlike its namesake the Flatiron building is most certainly an Instagram worthy landmark.

How to Spend a Day in New York City



Midtown, home of the famous sky scraping Empire State Building, shopping, restaurants and a plethora of theaters. You could spend an entire day there and still won’t even come close to running out of things to do.

How to Spend a Day in New York City

Tips on How to Spend a Day in New York City

  • Transportation- Driving two hours to NYC is not a big deal to me, it’s the parking that drives me insane. This time around though, I parked at a reasonably priced {NYC standards} parking lot and then Uber and Lyft everywhere. Originally I was going to take the subway, but I was all the way in Seaport District, which isn’t very accessible to the subway. If possible the subway is always a more convenient option though.
  • What to Wear- If it’s one thing living in New York has taught me, is to always be prepared. You never know where you might end up or who you might run into. Even though I no longer live there, I still follow that rule. So I always have two pair of shoes with me; heels and sandals.

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Ok sweeties, tell me, have you been to New York as yet?

If so, where are your favorite spots?

I appreciate your continued support, and to show how much I’ll be doing a giveaway next week! Keep checking my instagram for updates.

Have a fantabulous day! Love, Atalee

How to Spend a Day in New York City

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  1. Ryan Gianos December 25, 2019 / 1:57 am

    Season’s Greetings Atalee! You look like you are having a great time. 😉 Haven’t visited New York in several Years and it was definitely quite an experience. Happy Holidays from Alabama!

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