Shayla x Colourpop Makeup Palette

Shayla x Colourpop Makeup Palette

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If you follow me then you know my love for make up, even though I consider myself an amateur. Therefore I watch a lot of  tutorials and God bless the day when the slay queen; @MakeupShayla popped up on my ‘explorer’ page. I’ve been following her for about three years now, so I’m definitely part of the #ShaySquad. For this reason you can imagine the level of ‘shook’ I experienced, when she announced her  Shayla x Colourpop Makeup Palette collaboration!

Shayla x Colourpop Makeup PaletteI’ve been an avid supporter of her brand; from watching ALL her Youtube tutorials and vlogs, to buying her other collaborations. I’ve even won a palette that I had already owned. I continue to support her, as she’s been authentic throughout her journey, she’s pretty pretty blunt, her work drive is inspiring plus she has that black girl magic!

Certainly I was going to support her new endeavor, but I wanted the full experience and not just one product. Especially since I’m now a part of the ‘blogosphere’ and beauty products are one of my guilty pleasures. Moreover, what better way to introduce my love of  beauty products than to share one by a woman I’ve come to admire?Shayla x Colourpop Makeup Palette

Now, I’ve never tried ColourPop Cosmetics before, but I’ve always wanted to because of how affordable they are. It’s likely, you’ll catch me at Sephora, the drugstore or most recently the MAC store in Bloomingdales. However, this was the perfect opportunity to test them out.

It’s finally the day of the launch. I did not waste one second trying to figure out which package to get, I immediately sent the PR Box to ‘cart’ and hit order. I was so relieved that it wasn’t sold out in what seemed like the longest 15 seconds ever.

Shayla x Colourpop Makeup Palette

My package arrived about a week after which is great time considering the fact that they were already out of stock. I was really excited after opening the package. It was a beautiful deep purple with splashes of rose gold paint on a black backdrop, which made me smile. I could not wait to play with it and did so two days later, for the look below. Additionally, the collection kit retails at only $59, a steal in my opinion. It consists of the palette with sixteen highly pigmented colors, two highligthers, three lipsticks and a lipgloss.

Yes the packaging was impressive, but it’s time for the true test, how well does it go on AND stay on. I’m no beauty guru, but I do know what to look for in products, through research plus trial and error. Seeing that it was my very first time using the collection, obviously I had to follow one of her many tutorials on how to it!

I started with my eyes, which I used five colors on, and was impressed by the lack of “fallout”. Next up was glow time honey, I just enjoyed how well the highlighter went on, zero effort with maximum glow, yes! Prior to applying my lipstick, I was sure to scrub the heck out of my lips {this is key for easy application}. The lipstick was creamy and went on like a dream. Although the lipgloss paired well with the lipstick, I didn’t get any flecks of gold, it was just ordinary.

Shayla x Colourpop Makeup Palette

In essence, of course I would recommend the Shayla x ColourPop Collection. I plan on taking it on my adventures all summer ’18. The packaging is cute, all the pieces goes well together, it’s convenient to pack for vacation and especially relevant the quality is boomin’!

Shayla x Colourpop Makeup PaletteFor my look below I used:

EYES- Perception Palette Colors {Culture; in the crease, Revenge; on the outer crease, Strut & Slay; the lids, Played Out; bottom waterline and as eyeliner, Unbothered; tear duct}

HIGHLIGHT- Lustre Dust Boomin’ on high points of cheek and nose

LIPS- Creme Lux lipstick Quickie with Ultra Gloss Neat Freak

Shayla x Colourpop Makeup Palette

I’ll have a post up soon about all my fave makeup products at the moment including everything else on my face lol.

By the way how cute are my earrings? You can check them out at Rocksbox, use my code: MELLISABFF9

Leave a comment to let me know if you like the look.

Have a fantabulous day, Love Atalee.

Shayla x Colourpop Makeup Palette

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