Must-Have Desserts At Reading Terminal Market
Reading Terminal in Philadelphia is one of America's oldest and largest markets and has been around for over a century. It houses a wide variety of restaurants under it's roof.… View Full Post View Post

Kuriimii Soft Serve Ice Cream in Philly
Lately it seems that whenever I need to film awesome dessert shops in Philly, it rains. However, I'm not one to turn down the chance to have ice cream, rain or shine.… View Full Post View Post

Real Italian Gelato Ice Cream
From time to time whenever I go out to run errands or just hangout, I check the area for dessert spots. I had found a real Italian gelato ice cream shop which was definitely blog worthy.… View Full Post View Post

Waffle Ice Cream Sundae
I went to the gayborhood in Philadelphia to check out More Than Just Ice Cream,  whose waffle ice cream sundae had my name on it.  … View Full Post View Post

Matcha Desserts
Matcha desserts are not only delicious, they have awesome benefits as well. Yes, you read correctly, a dessert with benefits! … View Full Post View Post