Waffle Ice Cream Sundae

waffle ice cream sundae

I went to the gayborhood in Philadelphia to check out More Than Just Ice Cream, whose waffle ice cream sundae had my name on it. I’m an ice cream lover, therefore once there’s ice cream on the menu then I’m there, spoon in hand.

Before going I did my research of course, and while their menu was rather impressive, the waffle sundae stood out. Which left me salivating, to say the least.

waffle ice cream sundae

I was already excited to try the sundae, so when I noticed my waffle was made from scratch, that really made the experience better! It seemed like they had a selection of around twenty or more ice cream flavors to choose from. Most of all for this dessert, you get to choose three different flavors to add to your waffle! I decided to choose vanilla and strawberry; because they are both my favorite flavors , and cinnabun; because I wanted a flavor that was a bit different.

Watching my waffle get three different flavors of large scoops of ice cream, plus whip cream, coconut flakes and a cherry on top, was a sight to see, because the best part was about to come; eating!


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I quickly found seating outside of the shop, waffle sundae in hand and began my taste test. Vanilla was definitely first, which wasn’t quite what I expected from the best flavor in all the land. In all fairness, it wasn’t from scratch, in addition it’s called ‘golden vanilla’  so that was to be expected. Next up was the waffle, and girl was it yummy. I really could not stop eating it, it was so light and airy and the perfect amount of sweet, even with powder sugar! My absolute favorite flavor was the cinnabun, it was a nice surprise and I’m glad I chose it. They definitely got that flavor note down to a tee, plus the little buns were a delight.

Overall I enjoyed my first waffle ice cream sundae at More Than Just Ice Cream, most of all, I will be back to have more of their desserts.

Have you tried waffle ice cream sundaes as yet?

Have a fantabulous day, Love Atalee.

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waffle ice cream sundaewaffle ice cream sundae

waffle ice cream sundae


  1. tanesha May 19, 2018 / 12:15 am

    congratulations cuz

    • gpbyatalee
      May 20, 2018 / 3:28 am

      Thank you. I really appreciate it 🙂

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